Emotional Recognition 
Technology x Interactive content

Experimental Exhibition

10.2020, Kocca virtual library (South Korea).

Touchdesigner, Shimmer(wearable GSR sensor), Emotiv

Recently child abuse has been issued through the news in South Korea.


How can we know emotional abuse happening to children? We planned to visualise our brainwave affected by the sound of domestic dispute.

I designed the visualisation of the brain data collected from the audience.

When you get inside, you will be instructed to sit down on the chair. And then you put on the devices (Emotiv and Shimmer) and wait. After that, the devices start to measure your brainwave and sweat rate, while you hear the sound of fighting voices recorded. At this moment, you can be the frightened kid who is listening to his/her parents behind the blue door. Finally, you can open the door and go inside the kid’s room. The visualized moving image starts to pulse according to your pre-measured arousal.

Input Device

Brainwave (Electroencephalography) measurement: Emotiv

Sweat rate (Electrodermal Activity) measurement: Shimmer

When your data connected to the visualisation

It changes its colours, pulses and speed, after your biometric input through the devices- 'Emotiv', and 'Shimmer.'


김환희 김다은 나윤지 허지원