The story of the rabbit

3D Animation in VR

RCA Graduation project

Unity, 3D Maya

This is a 3D animation for VR, with surround sound. Each asset was exported from 3D Maya and all the scenes in this film were created in Unity, in 360 formats.


It is a rearranged original Korean folk tale called ‘the story of the rabbit’ for immersive experience in VR.

The original story title is The Story of the Rabbit. The story has been passed on orally and written down in the document entitled Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms in my country, South Korea. In the story, each character represents a powerful and a less powerful social class. 


The story has had many different versions throughout history. In the original story, the rabbit (presenting a weak social class) runs away as soon as she arrives at the seaside. People say the rabbit was smart, but was she? I wanted to take the rabbit's side, in an unpredictable way.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.