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Myth of Creation -Mago-

Real-time projection mapping stage

Live Performance

2020. 5min. 

Touchdesigner, after effect, premiere.

A live performance with the real-time projection mapping stage.


This story is about the creating world at the very beginning in South Korea. The performance describes the Mother 'Mago' creating the earth, sea and humankind in chronological order.

I designed the backstage film and interactive front stage’s moving image.

 'Mago' is an old tale about the creation of the world. We reconstructed this story for the 10 minutes performance. There are folding screens in the back of the stage projecting background moving images continuously. You may recognise some traditional masterpiece painting in the moving image which has been modernized. As the story progresses, the projection on the front stage keeps changing in real-time. These projection moving images are not recorded, but the artist manipulates the visuals through the input devices at the same time.

The front stage's mapping images 

The front stage projections were created by audiovisual, mouse tracking, filtered webcam video.

The back stage's moving images

The back stage's film was composed with Jeong Seon(1676–1759)'s masterpieces for the visual explanation of the background stage.

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