360 films

360 film, 5'50"/ 3'54"/ 5'17"


This project started with the idea of 'gaslighting', originally came from the movie 'Gaslight (1944)'.

Those three stories are re-written by myself based on the true stories on the web and books. Each film is presenting ordinary relationships with emotional abuse. Superficially, it seems all good. But if you listen carefully, then you will figure out what are the problems.

The abusive person's actions may seem harmless at first. And typically, emotional abuse happens gradually in a close relationship. For victims, it's important to recognize the signs and eventually escape from those situations.

I visualized distorted relationships in VR to make it easy to explore the storyline and conversation. For each story, you can see the specific locations and blurry images representing the victim's mind.

Story 01. Childhood

Story 02. In the Office

Story 03. Relationship

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