Point cloud visualisation

Neon and video installation

2021. 1'35" / 1' 18". 

Neon, Steel, and video installation. 

 This is about my memories of a certain special place. If you have unforgettable memories or leave for a long time, then you might feel that place closer even though you are somewhere far away from there.

 The place where this project has been started is one of the vineyards in Slovenia. The neon door installed here is the starting point of my memories in the place.


 I stayed for 5 weeks in Maribor (Slovenia) and walked every day in town. I captured in 3D certain doors, roads, and uphills so that I can see those objects through the screen. The point clouds are intersections for building the mesh. If you look close, you may notice that they are just a cluster of points. However, if you look at them from far away, they look like 3D objects.

 Those gaps look like our memories, you cannot smell/touch/see the memories but they exist somewhere in your heart and head.